Wrong News About Costa Rica & Tourists

Most of  the news and articles about Costa Rica are very factual and based on lawyers, realtors research, tourists and of course Real Estate.
This time I want to address a couple things that seem to recur from time to time. And the amount of News, how about“Fake Stuff “. We could call it “bullshit” like it some of it is. But really it boils down to people not being professional.
We have all read about the recent wave deaths related to tainted alcohol that was sold in Costa Rica. And that tourists died consuming this. Let me be perfectly clear on what has happened. As it turns out from my time living in San Jose and owning a bar/restaurant, I happen to have a little background into liquor purchasing and sales.
Wrong News!
Firstly, not one tourist died from any of the bootleg alcohol that was being sold. As a matter of fact, you would be hard pressed to find anyone other then crack heads and street people who would even know where to buy the bootleg booze. Sadly, they did find it and paid a very big price for their efforts.
Secondly, The bootleg booze in question is made to mimic the cheapest type of alcohol available in the country. Most stores, bars and restaurants would never even contemplate carrying the genuine products the bootleg mimics because they are such low-end that customers won’t buy them.
Tourists Should Try This
Thirdly, Costa Ricans (Ticos) drink the same types of liquor as everyone else. The only addition to that is Cacique Guaro which is a sugar cane liquor that is clear and rather pure. It could be said that it’s Costa Rica’s answer to say vodka and can be drank straight but is usually mixed with juice, served on ice. But for the most part Cacique Guaro or Guaro as it is known by its local name is used in Costa Rica’s most famous drink “ChiliGuaro”. If you’ve never had a Chiliguaro, you’re really missing out. Family traditions on just how to get the right mix vary, so be sure try more than one.
Fourth, Jumping on the band wagon to report a story without doing any type of research is just shameful. It’s doesn’t matter what country it’s in, or what product, place or person it’s about. Whenever someone writes in a newspaper, broadcasts live on TV or puts a story on social media “Think”. It can, will and should have a huge effect on people. Get your facts correct, keep things positive, remember to help educate, and support your fellow man or women. Don’t you just get tired of everyone bashing each other? I know I do.
Lastly, I’m pretty sure Costa Rica is mainland and not an island. I don’t remember taking any long fairy rides when I drove down here from Canada. I do remember how much fun I had, the people I stopped to see along the way and of course the great adventure it was. But then, fun & adventure are just a part of life in Costa Rica.
To answer your questions about Costa Rica, check out my website at , send an email to , or call me Theo Veenstra, Remax Ocean Village, toll free at 877-205-5507 and get some real information on buying property and life here around the northern beaches of Costa Rica. I look forward to helping you find your peace in Paradise.
Until then, Pura Vida.
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