Should your property be set up for electric golf carts?

The electric golf cart question has been around for a couple decades now in the Tres Amigos Realty Group area including Playas del Coco, Playa Hermosa, Ocotal and over at Peninsula Papagayo.

Electric golf carts are winning the hearts of most owners and users over gas, with the onslaught of lithium batteries. The simple reason being maintenance.

Before we answer some pros and cons questions. Let’s deal with a common misconception about gas carts. Many people (renters) believe they need a gas-powered golf cart to access villas and condominiums around the Gulf of Papagayo they can not access on electric golf carts. The reality is “Electric lithium powered golf carts will go anywhere a gas-powered golf cart can”.

The misconception arises in part from our mountainous terrain. With the real issue being brakes. Most golf carts start life on a gentle golf course with brakes on the rear wheels. Those same carts are later transformed into street carts with the addition of head lights, turn indicators and in many cases additional seats. The now street carts will in most cases remain equipped with brakes on 2 wheels. In rare cases, both gas or electric may have brakes on all 4 wheels. Because they were never designed for mountains, that still limits them to relatively flat areas. So restrictions remain, such as traveling from Playas del Coco to Playa Hermosa, etc.

So why electric carts then? In a nutshell electric golf carts are much easier to maintain. The switch to Lithium eliminates weekly battery maintenance. With no oil, filters, belts, carburetors and clutches to service, electric wins if the properties they service offer the ability to recharge.

Does electric golf cart recharging effect property value? At Tres Amigos Realty Group we know every convenience plays a role in the market value, rental income, and saleability of a property. Besides adding market and rental value to your property, golf carts in general are a lot of fun to drive around on. They take far less space to park, are less expensive to license or insure than a car. Everyone that has had the opportunity to ride a golf cart during their holiday has a blast. Because electric carts are so easy to maintain, with the convenience of just plugging in, the answer is “YES” recharging has a positive effect on property value.

Getting the electric carts charged remains the ongoing conversation with many homeowners’ associations and property managers. We are happy to be part of that conversation. Tres Amigos Realtors will explain the value attained by offering charging facilities at your properties or any other questions you may have. Electric golf cart charging is inexpensive and easy to use. Get started upgrading your properties to offer charging today.


Should I include electric golf cart charging in my rental marketing? If you have it, absolutely! Tres Amigos Realty Group will also include charging capabilities when we market one of your Costa Rica properties for sale. We are now seeing vacation booking websites include “electric golf cart charging” on their booking sites. Major condominium developments offer free charging throughout their facilities. What do they know about the value that service provides to their owners?

The experiences available throughout The Gulf of Papagayo, Costa Rica and the area our Tres Amigos Realty Group calls home continue to be never-ending. We can’t explain it all. They vary from a gorgeous sunset, or a simple coffee with a new friend to just dipping your toes in the sand. Electric golf carts may play a role in those experiences, wither a golf cart allows you more mobility, delivers you to your favourite karaoke night or helps your family carry home groceries. You decide how and when your next experience happens.


 Where do I rent a golf cart?  Theo's Golf Cart Rentals in Playas del Coco is a great place to start. Call or WhatsApp +1-506-8360-1006 Theo or Isa to book your rental early. If Theo's Golf Cart Rentals happens to be fully booked, they will do their best to direct you to another professional golf cart rental agency. 

Theo's Golf Cart Rentals Website (Here)

Theo Veenstra is a full time real estate agent with over 20 years experience in vacation, expat, retirement and investment real estate. And a dual citizen of Costa Rica & Canada where Theo started his real estate career in the District of Muskoka. Calling The Gulf of Papagayo home, Theo started Theo's Golf Cart Rentals as a marketing tool to reach more real estate clients.

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