Condominium vs Shares, you will need a Knowledgeable Buyers Agent.

Throughout the Tres Amigos Realty Group area here at the Gulf of Papagayo, we continuously deal with the question, shares of a corporation vs condominium, or what some people referred to as “titled” ownership. Theo Veenstra has over 20 years experience in Real Estate, including condominium & share transfers. Let’s start by confirming the differences of both condominium and shares. 

Do Rubber Boots Come in Pink?

Do rubber boots come in pink? Well, it's June, and the rainy season is upon us. It sure is nice to have the humidity break and see things so green. The other day I saw a little girl in rubber boots, and I asked myself. Do rubber boots come in pink? It got me to thinking about our area and what's in store for the immediate future of kids here in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, Many of them refugees.


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