About Theo as a Realtor

About Theo as a Realtor

I believe these are some things everyone should know about their Realtor

First, Some background

I was born into the trucking business in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. My father worked together with his business partner for 50 years and created other spin off companies. In 1996 I moved to Muskoka Ontario, The area was beautiful and I stayed there for 18 years until coming to Costa Rica. At age 40 I had driven over 3,000,000 miles (5,000,000 kms). I was persueded to pursue a career in Real Estate. Upon completion of extensive licensing courses, I was lucky enough to be guided by some of the very best Realtors in the area. They gave me invaluable insight into the vacation and retirement aspects of Real Estate.

I am also creative when it comes to home design etc, I receive that from my mother, who loved to sew and decorate. She was always ahead of the curve on fashion and design. My parents always had our homes custom built and I surely follow those steps. I sold Real Estate for 12 years along with renovating and spec building in Canada. During my time selling in Muskoka I started vacationing in Costa Rica. From the first day I drove into Playas del Coco, I realized that living & selling in this area was my future. Upon moving to Costa Rica I took a break from Real Estate, ran a business in San Jose with a lawyer and then was ready to get selling again full time. In that period I learned a great deal about the laws and requirements here in Costa Rica both for Real Estate and business. As they say, the rest is history.

My Belief About Buyers & Sellers

Taking the Stress out of a your Real Estate

Every Seller also has needs

Selling a home can take an extended amount of time or go quickly. Every Seller, myself included have expectations (wants) relating to price, timing, service, etc. As much as we study and talk with our friends and family, when it's crunch time having a guiding hand with knowledge and experience will always make a difference. And that is really where a good connection with the right Realtor comes in. A good Realtor will want to know about your personal situation, health, finance, family needs etc. Being comfortable with your realtor sure goes along way in deciding not only the price of your property, but in discussing all pertinent aspects of your sale. A great number of options and ideas should be addressed in a professional and timely manner.

Buyers also have wants and needs

Each buyer is different. And this is where experience comes in. Knowing what questions to ask really does help focus the search for the right type of property at the right location. Along with physical and family needs, I try to help people build the best lifestyle now and for the future. After all, isn't that what Pura Vida is about?

It’s Important to get comfortable with a good Realtor

Lets Learn

I am both a Canadian and Costa Rican Citizen

I’m an expert at helping people with their needs

I don’t give away my commission

- Be very careful of a Realtor that gives away their income up front. They would also be willing to give away your property.

I’m an expert at finding common ground with Buyers and Sellers during the offer and closing stage

I get along with seniors

- Although I've had courses in Senior Representation, It just comes naturally. I must say spending time with senoirs and learning what's valuable from their wisdom is a highlight for me personally. We just tend to get along. As you can see I keep everything in plain text so it's easy to read.

My Spanish isn't perfect

- As such I have an assistant in translating anything I don’t understand

I’m a person just like you

- I realized early in life that communicating is so important. Little things can mean a lot and sometimes circumstances may be sensitive. Always feel free to be yourself.

I’m good with buyers

- Having lived with a lawyer, owned a business and property in Costa Rica. My experience here is broad, giving me an edge in making buyers to your property comfortable about living and buying property in Costa Rica.

For example: Some Buyers were interested in planning for the future of thier family and succession of the property to a daughter. As such, I suggested we upon closing we put the property in thier daughters name. When the time came for the daughter to recieve the property there would be no transfer taxes & fees. They were very pleased with the arrangement. It also let thier daughter use the closing and other expenses on her current taxes. It was a win win all around.

I’m honest

- Better get used to it. The smoothest transactions ALWAYS happen when everyone is honest about what can be accomplished, what their needs are, with expectations set accordingly. That sounds easy, but it’s not in some cases.

For example: A Seller asked me to help price their house. As it happened, they bought the house privately 2 years earlier. They had vastly over paid for the property at that time and had unattainable expectations of value. I had to truthfully break the news, as the seller needed to move ahead with life. That takes some skill in discovering what is important to the Seller at the time and keeping focus on those goals. The only way forward had to be based on honesty. After some discovery of equal properties, the Seller realized their previous mistake and we succesfully sold the property.

I cultivate good contacts

- Every business person knows that good contacts get thinks done. Being able to link people together with the appropriate lawyer, plumber, driver, banker, etc.

I’m creative

- I am able and willing to help guide you in staging your house or property. By the way, lots and land need staging as well. The same goes for structuring deals. Sometimes we need to think outside the box.

I like writing offers

- bringing my background in Real Estate from Canada, along with on incredible amount of local knowledge, I can custom tailor offers, and sign backs as needed.

I surround myself with professionals

- Working with Tres Amigos Realty Group was on easy choice both here in Costa Rica as well as Canada. Remax attracts professionals, their business model encourages full time professional Realtors, and having that knowledge base on hand from other professionals is invaluable. The same goes for renovators, shippers, importers, legal and accounting professionals to name a few. Personally, I have shipped furniture and personal items both to and from Costa Rica with relative ease using a trusted professional.

I like to have fun

- Making our meetings memorable and fun has a positive effect on the outcome. Don’t let that be inturpeted as not having a professional ethic. My many past clients will be happy to supply referrals.

I like my clients

- All my past clients have become friends, we are welcome in each other’s homes, sharing holiday meals together or just stepping out on the town. For me that’s the best part of this business.

My ethic

- I have always felt it is my responsibility provide the best in service at any cost. The same goes with every other aspect of our transaction.

Contact me for answers to your questions, and list your property the professional way

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