Tips on the Coronavirus. Be positive and proactive

Hi everyone, The Coronavirus is here and we all need to be proactive. Here are some tips on being proactive and some positive things we can do.

Proactive tips on fighting the virus

Stay clean. Both your body and your surroundings. Yes it’s one of the common statements we should believe coming out of the news. Use hand sanitizer often, clean everything around you (Desks, handrails, door knobs etc). Do it often.
Practice social distancing. Stay a good distance away when talking. Don’t shake hands, Use the telephone and video conferencing, Avoid busy places, Change how you go about your daily activities. Buy alot of groceries when your out instead of going shopping often, and things of that nature
If you think your infected, call the virus hotlines set up in your area. Do not go to the hospital. Don’t panic.
Stay busy; If you are off, it’s easy to get caught up and stressed out. The last thing anyone needs is to be sick or worse because of fear and worry.
There are many different ways to distance yourself from the virus. You will stay informed on the news, social media etc. Be creative and please share your ideas.

Educate others today

Remember the days when you learned right and wrong at church and at home. Well history repeats itself. Now is the time to teach your family and friends about the responsibility of doing their part. YES NOW, not later. Everyone agrees on the need to segregate and contain the spread. So NOW is the time.
Many people are still not aware of the general ideas of containing this virus. It’s the responsibility of us all to do our part in getting the message out. Please remember, yelling the message out of your car window, will not do the trick. Use your contacts, and get the message to people that don’t understand. The sooner we do this. The sooner things will return to normal.
With that in mind, I would say it is imperative that we work together with our neighbors near and far to find a solution. That means people across town, in other cities and other countries. I’m not asking for you to buy into their politics or way of life, But to work as one in resolving this threat. In doing so, maybe we can open the doors to solutions on other pressing issues. We all have far more influence as friends than as enemies. There is a old anecdote about people of different colors and cultures that never really paid much attention to each other until an evader from outer space came to town, then they all worked together.  It’s very obvious we all have a common goal.

Be Aware of News, Scams & Theft

Yes, there is so much news, true and false, it can be hard to figure out what is what. That will not change anytime soon. Walter Cronkite is not at the news desk. In general this virus did not spread in one day and it will take a while to beat it. But we will, Be aware of what you read, or what you believe.
Many scams will pop out of the woodwork. Telephone scams, people knocking on the door etc. Remember banks and service providers will mail you with any changes. They will ask you drop by your local bank, utility or other providers in person. That includes everything from the VA, to your bank, to your internet or phone provider. Do not allow strangers in and do not give information over the phone. Do not mail information. Scammers may include a return envelope with their mail. All this is nothing unusual, other than you may have kids at home from school that are unaware.  Depending on your personal situation, be aware of theft. Don’t carry large sums of money or credit and bank cards. Don’t leave items in your car. Don’t walk alone at night. Practice distancing, but not alone. A great number of people around the world are fresh out of work for a short time. Be wise and aware instead of scared or sorry.

Spend your time positively

A lot of people will still be at work each day, producing the things we need. Some of us will work from home. Others in the education, tourism, restaurant and hospitality business will be home for the most part.
There are hundreds of things you can do to positively affect your life and others.  They may include everything from teaching your kids how to ride a bike, or let them teach you something. If you are quarenting at home, then make a list. Things you have been putting off around the house, things you want to learn, cook a great meal, BBQ, There is always something to clean or fix. Rearrange the house. Plan. If you are home more, do something new.Myself, I am taking some extra time to learn a few new things online. I still go to work and out for a walk or a swim. Of course I do work from home when I can. Read a good book. I suggest to start with the bible if you haven’t read it for awhile, There are many great books. Think and Grow Rich is an interesting book. A little instruction buried in that book reads ” Help someone find the solution to their problem, and you will have found the solution to your own”.  This is also a great time to remind ourselves, that what happens to one can greatly affect others. Share your ideas with others. Remember this opportunity won’t last forever.
Use your phone and video messaging. If you have never used video messaging, it’s easy to learn and mostly free. Your friends and relatives will be happy to hear from you that way.

Think of others

Many people will not notice a huge interruption in salary. Yet others in service industries will. Everyone from the guy that sells you hot dogs at a ball game, or the person that cleans up after a concert, to your hairdresser, dog groomer, house cleaner, waiter, along with the tourism industry, etc. Please remember these people still have bills to pay and mouths to feed.  Continue to pay them when you can. It’s still a great time to have the house painted, or a new hardwood floor installed. Spring is arriving, So plant your garden and plan your summer. The cottage will still be there. Many people are small self employed operators that count on your business and that income.

A personal word

As I mentioned the more proactive we are, the better. DO NOT get caught up in pointing fingers at other people, governments etc. DO NOT buy into conspiracy theories. Don’t gloat that one country is more prepared or untouched then another. But do remain proud of your accomplishments, And be willing to share. It’s the key to freedom. Doing that will show your family, your neighbors and the world what is proper and right. It will provide others with something they may aspire to become. What could be better than that.
You should remember the words of the Lord: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.'” Acts 20:35
Not everyone can handle the sudden changes in day to day life. Please remember to reach out for people suffering from depression, anxiety etc. They will appreciate a few moments of your time.
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