Big Real Estate Announcement from Theo Veenstra, Lets Buy Costa

A "BIG REAL ESTATE ANNOUNCEMENT" here at our beaches. Our offices are now part of Tres Amigos Realty. All three offices have been renamed and over the next couple of months the RE/MAX name will disappear from our signage etc. Ocean Village and Prestige Ocean will also roll into Tres Amigos Realty.
Hi everyone, I hope that you are all healthy and happy. Here at the beach we have some changes.
The news is our offices are no longer affiliated with the RE/MAX brand. I will get right to the point. RE/MAX was great over the many years I flew their flag.  We decided on working together under our own brand. As such we have this big announcement and will be selling as Tres Amigos Realty.
I spent much time deciding what was best real estate option. I kept arriving at the same conclusion and that is a simple question I have always used as a guide. “What is best for my Clients?” I decided the Tres Amigos Realty option far outweighed everything else for many different reasons.
Firstly, is our broker Michael Simons. Michael is a full-on type of guy. He is extremely passionate about what he does at work, at play, and with charity. He never sits around on his hands doing nothing.
Secondly, our team is the same way. It is why we sell 75% plus of all real estate in the area. And I want my clients involved with that team. They get up every day and make opportunities happen. And that is important to me and to you as Sellers and Buyers.
Thirdly, we were at the stage in this area and given how we generate our clients, that being with a large brand, had it’s limits. Don’t misunderstand, RE/MAX is a good brand. But we had discussed using our own brand for a while. As you all know the beaches in Costa Rica, are unique both geographically and culturally.  Our entire group decided to use our resources in a more focused manner. As such we feel we will have the ability to move our online presence for this area to the top. To that I say a big “YES”.

On a personal note

At first the decision to remain a RE/MAX affiliate or stay with the current team seemed a daunting task. As I mentioned earlier, the decision boiled down to “What is best for my clients?”  I don’t remember the day I was taught that rule. Maybe my dad or mom never specifically said to me. Like many things, it’s just something we were brought up to know. With so many things swirling around in the world, I feel good about staying with those basics as a foundation for how I work, and I hope you do also.
I will be in touch with each of you individually of course and will also have an updated report on entry into Costa Rica.
Thanks Theo Veenstra, Tres Amigos Realty & Let’s Buy Costa
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