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Getting the Right Lawyer and Escrow for the Job

Finding the right Lawyer and Escrow Agent for a paticular Real Estate transaction or other needs can actually vary slightly. So with that in mind I will suggest you contact me directly for a recomendation. 

Costa Rica Real Estate Law

The process is just slightly different then what you may be acustomed to in North America or elsewhere. In Costa Rica we are under Civil Law. Equal property rights are given to foreigners just as they are to Costa Ricans. You may be able to pick up a great lawyer online or at the beach. I would suggest a referral from a RE/MAX professional. Also bringing money into Costa Rica has a couple more components then a simple transfer across your state or province. Not a huge deal, but a little more paperwork.

Costa Rica Residency or Citizenship?

Again, just as you would use a professional Real Estate agent such as myself, I have a select number of lawyers I trust to help in that regard.

Remember you need a Public Notary in Costa Rica to transfer and register title. Not just for your property, but vechicles etc. The notary here is not the same as a notary in North America. No you can't go and do the transfer yourself. 

Call your Realtor

Call or email me directly, and I will be happy to hook you up with a good reliable Lawyer/Notary and Escrow agent to complete all your transactions. My email is thveenstra@gmail.com, Mobile +1 or 011 506-8360-1006, Toll Free 1-877-205-5507

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