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At first glance, Guanacaste is just some Real Estate tucked into Central America. Discovering Guanacaste is so much more. I've spent so much time in Costa Rica,  including Guanacaste and have yet to see averything Guanacaste has to offer. We should start by acknowledging one important point about Costa Rica. Rather then going out and trying to grab Costa Rica. "LET COSTA RICA COME TO YOU". And this it's most northern province (State) encompasess that lifestyle more than anywhere. Full of friendly people, Most of Guanacaste was once apart of Nicaragua. After a public vote the people decided to join Costa Rica and in 1825 Costa Rica annexed the Province. Liberia has always been the capital after being renamed in 1854. Guanacaste is a world class playground, with 100's of beaches, Valcanoes and mud-baths to farm land or magestic ocean views. Parks and reserves including Santa Rosa National Park, and Area de Conservacion Guanacaste World Heritage Site. Swimming, Boating, Surfing, Diving and of course excellent Fishing, are just a few of the pleasures offered up by the beach towns, Local residents are exceptionally friendly and lead the way in enjoying a laidback lifestyle. Living in Guanacaste is a dream come true for everyone. People have been settling in the area from all over the world long before Guancaste was on the tourist map. Europeans have been coming to Guanacaste for 500 years followed in recent times by North and South Americans. The weather sure has alot to do with lifestyle and my home base area of Popagayo recives the least amount of rain in the country. As such hotel chains and resorts have been moving in at a rapid pace bringing along with them many services. Go to multipul grocery stores, building centres, restaurants, salons, service centres and you will find everything you expect in your home country. Traveling around you will find all the major roads are well paved, A great busing sysytem, Well placed International Airport, And lots of places to bike. Guanacaste so named after our National Tree has over 250 bird species, a rare dry forest, flora & fonia, along with exotic animals including Sloth, Puma, Jaguars and on abundece of Monkeys. The weather varies drasticlly in Guanacaste, for most expats the experience will be hotter, dryer weather along the beaches, as opposed to cooler with more rain in the mountain areas. If exploring is your hobbie, Than Guanacaste is the place for you. Finding old churches, or old cars and truck may be the call of the day, or dancing in Liberia, there are many things to do. I like going for a drive, so the Pan-Am highway Leading from Guanacaste is a treat for me. Maybe you want to build a pirate ship on the beach. Yes I've seen it done, restore a car, paint or renovate a condo or villa, it's all available here. Generally labor is inexpensive here, so that project or business you have dreamed about can become reality. Our beaches make a great jump off point for those that like to travel and Condo's and Homes are at the top of the list for owners that like trading homes around the world when they travel. I would certainly say the if your board in Guanacaste, It's your fault.

 From Theo. 

People come to Costa Rica for many reasons. It's interesting to find out why the people move here. What stands out so well in Guanacaste is why people choose to stay. I would be happy to speak to you more about this area and this country. Please take a minute and register for my newsletter and updates. Also look for my updates and videos about living at sea level here in Playas del Coco, Guanacaste, C.R.

Guanacaste Province

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