Covid-19 Travel / Vaccination Certificate

Vaccine certificate explained

Traveling out of Costa Rica to many countries will require a Vaccination Certificate. As a matter of fact is may be required to enter certain facilities in the future. 

Costa Rica offers a certificate for citizens and residents that have been vacinated in or out of Costa Rica

Those who do not have a digital signature must send, to the same email, a copy of their ID (cédula, passport or DIMEX) and a copy of the vaccination card that they received at the CCSS.

Once the form is completed, the applicant will receive a confirmation with a processing number. The vaccine certificate will be delivered via email within seven days.

The following is a quick giude, Including a couple photos, a link to the Ministry de Salud website, a contact here in Guanacaste that can provide official translation  and a link to a short video. I hope this helps. The actual online form is in spanish. But easy to copy and translate as you go

Ministero de Salud website and application page HERE

YouTube Video, Filling out you application Here


Having your certificate translated Below;

Professional translator is Ana Sayagues in Liberia. She is the same lady who translates the Driver's License. Her email is:


Tips to Remember

Have a digital copy (Photo or Scan) of you vaccination card (Both Sides) ready to attach to your email 

Have a copy of you identification (Photo or Scan, Both Sides) or Passport ready to attach to your email


Remember you can choose the instructions in different languages. But the acctual online form is in Spanish




To get to the actual form, use the drawn down bar inside the web page