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Costa Rican Realtor & Snowmobiling the Beach ???

Hi, I’m Theo Veenstra, a local Real Estate Agent with Remax Ocean Village here in Playas del Coco. 2014 was the year I decided to make Costa Rica my home. While packing my things to ship I decided a snowmobile would be fun to have on the beach. I imagined with a little help, the snowmobile would take on a life own. And it may be a way of introducing myself. Both are true. But let’s get to the sled.

The Journey to Costa Rica, Playas del Coco & The Gulf of Papagayo

The snowmobile comes from Muskoka, Canada and was bought in the area. Not sure about the original owner, my fiend Ron found it for me in Milford Bay, Ont. Before shipping I removed the engine and gas tank, then stood it up on a pallet with other things and dropped it in Mississauga at a transport warehouse. They sent it to Buffalo, NY and then on to Miami and the boat ride over to Limon. Five weeks from dropping it off my things arrived by truck to my door in Costa Rica but no snowmobile. In the mean time I received a call from my importer that customs had held the snowmobile for taxes and couldn’t process without the ownership. It took about two weeks to sort that out and I picked up the snowmobile in San Jose. My preferred importer was excellent in arranging the entire shipment from Mississauga and followed through to the end. Call me for the details of that story. Before putting it on display in San Jose the snowmobile was repainted the original yellow and black. It was displayed for a long time at my business in San Jose before making its way to Playas del Coco & The Gulf of Papagayo.  After a long journey it’s finally has an ocean view on the beach 

I hope you get as much of a kick out of sending your snowmobiling pics to your family and friends as I do seeing kids enjoying themselves on the beach pretending to ride. Just another part of the Costa Rica lifestyle.


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